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    Brick & Fire Pizza was founded by local Chef Mark Dollard (That's me) right here in Orlando. After securing the location on Orange Avenue, which was previously and ironically another pizza restaurant, I opened the doors for service on December 1st 2008. Given the heavy competition with pizzerias and my culinary background, my ideas for pizza were as simple as those I had trained for and experienced throughout my career. Chef 101 Fundamentals: Cook and season everything correctly, use local ingredients as a matter of principle, be generous with portions and use the best quality ingredients your concept can afford, engage your guests and staff as if they are your family, and stay humble. I have learned a few things over the years operating here at Orange Avenue and perhaps the most important lesson, specifically with regards to Pizza, is not to compare my menus and dishes to those of chains.

    Brick & Fire Pizza and Pasta Parlor is Not a Chain. There is only one. I make my dough by hand, every day right here in the shop using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Live Yeast Beer from Orlando Brewing. I use vastly more expensive cheeses and other ingredients than those chains in my dishes, and you can absolutely taste the difference. My crust is crispy on the outside, chewy and bread like as I was a baker for a few years, and all of the pizzas are fired directly on the brick. No screens or conveyor belt ovens here! As a final touch, every single dish, every single pizza I serve here at Brick & Fire is garnished with fresh herbs. I know I'm doing it right as years later I still have, at the very least, a slice of pizza every single day. I have never tired of it. As I have the following question asked of me frequently, my favorite pizza is none other than a regular old Cheese. No kidding!

    As a small business owner, parent, neighbor, and employer of people I consider family, I consider it an imperative to support other small businesses in the community. I make as many purchases with small mom and pop shops as possible, have my services done by local business owners and in some cases previous staffers that started their own business, support local schools and sponsor their athletic teams, and take pride in the fact that I have helped see several of my staff through their college degrees, two of which went on for masters, and one a doctorate. Be a part of keeping our community strong, the next time you order a Pizza get it locally at right here at Brick & Fire.

    It is my pleasure to serve you,
    Chef Mark Dollard

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